“Intense Achilles Tendon Pain”

“I lost my ability to run due to Achilles tendon pain that was intense and persistent even after a long walk. Having tried other ART doctors and therapists I decided to give a last shot at getting better and I approached Dr. Abelson for treatment. I was not confident, but I was committed. After 10 treatments and adhering to Dr. A’s advice I can now run 50 km a week with NO pain or discomfort. Dr. A and his staff are exceptionally professional and the results have been miraculous.”

Matt Bradley (2010)

“Motorcycle Crash”

“After being in a motorcycle-vehicle crash and being thrown from my bike, I began ART treatment for my soft tissue damage. I didn’t realize how much my body had reacted to the impact. The ART/ Massage therapy helped me heal my injuries and strengthen my overall body within a month. In no time I was riding again. I have Kinetic Health to thank!”

Christine Frey (2008)

“I couldn’t get rid of my shoulder pain”Back to the Top

“My name is Don and I’m almost 50. I have always had a very active lifestyle and never really had much use for Doctors or Chiropractors… In July 2007, I took a nasty spill while rollerblading. In the spill, I reached out and grabbed a railing with my arm to help break the fall of the high-speed wipeout.

While my cuts healed well, I couldn’t get rid of my shoulder pain. 2 months went by with no improvement… I went in [to Kinetic Health], was assessed, was given home exercises to do, and in 6 short, painful (yes there is pain, but good pain) visits, my shoulder was better than it had been in 10 – 15 years with its range of movement.

I highly recommend anyone who has a soft tissue injury to visit Kinetic Health and at least get an assessment. I know Dr. Abelson and his capable staff will do their best to help resolve your problem.”

Don Warner (2007)

“A Painful Bout of Sciatica”

I heard of Dr. Abelson/Kinetic Health from a friend who had been referred to him by their family doctor. For six days I had been struggling with a painful bout of sciatica. Anti-inflammatories, pain meds, ice pack, stretching… nothing even touched the pain I was experiencing down my entire left leg into my foot. I cannot express the degree of relief I felt after taking my painful, whimpering body to see Dr. Abelson for my first treatment of ART. I had a total of six treatments and each one brought incredible relief and by the end of my treatments, I felt more limber and agile than I had in months, even in years. Talk about getting to the source of the problem! I cannot thank Dr. Abelson enough, “You saved my life”, thank you so much.”

Doreen Froese (2008)

“Dr. Abelson’s Book Helped to Resolve my Achilles Tendon Injury”Back to the Top

“Dr. Abelson helped me relieve my lower back pain, and taught me the stretches that I needed to do to strengthen and heal. I was impressed with the Active Release Technique that Dr. Abelson used and the fact that he was a runner who had experienced a lot of the same injuries as I and so could help me based on experience and not just from reading a book. I was also impressed that he gave me the means to heal instead of asking me to return again and again. When “Release Your Pain” came out, I was curious and bought it.

“Release Your Pain” was immediately easy to access – I started by looking up back pain and found I had read the better part of the chapter while I was standing there simply because the information and diagrams were so useful and relevant. The various blend of stories, stretches, and explanations kept me engaged and interested. I ended up reading sections that didn’t apply to me just because they were so interesting in a health and fitness perspective.

I had just started the winter with a new love: skate skiing. It was in the first three weeks of my new sport that I started to have pain in my Achilles tendon, definitely as a result of the new sport’s particular foot angles. I was a bit scared since I have heard that Achilles injuries are notoriously disabling and long-lasting, so I grabbed Dr. Abelson’s book and read up on it. By gently including the recommended stretches into my daily routine I was able to resolve the pain and can now report skiing 5 evenings a week with NO pain.”

Jerry Auld (2004)

“I couldn’t put weight on my hip, knee or ankle”

“When I came to Kinetic Health I was in really bad pain. I couldn’t put weight on my hip, knee or ankle. Since I’ve come here the pain in my hip is gone, the pain in my ankle is gone and I have very little pain in my knee. I am sure the pain in my knee will be gone soon too! My head and neck have improved, and I don’t need Tylenol anymore. I would recommend this treatment to anyone.”

Binder Kalar (2005)

“My Shoulder Pain was Radiating to my Neck”Back to the Top

“I first went to see Dr. Abelson with shoulder pain which radiated to my neck. This caused a constant pain and discomfort, making the simplest task difficult to do. As an active person I was becoming more and more frustrated. After three aggressive treatments with Dr. Abelson, I found i was getting strength and mobility back into the area and was able to return back to a more normal and healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend Active Release Technique.”

Garth Robel (2006)

“With Dr. Abelson’s help I Qualified for the Boston Marathon”

“Dr. Abelson, you are a magician! I came to see you the day before I headed to the States to run the Top of Utah Marathon in Logan a few weeks ago. My muscles on my left leg were so tight that it was affecting my walking and I was, consequently, very nervous about how they were going to affect my running! After almost a year of training and two failed attempts to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I was concerned to say the least.

After ten minutes of ART with you and your assistant, I was walking without any restiction or tightness. A couple of days later, I easily qualified for the first time for the prestigious marathon in Boston! Thank you so much for all your help and top-notch professional treatments. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Richard Young (2008)

“Brian Healed my Sports Injury in 6 Visits”Back to the Top

“After a year of trying to recover from a sports injury, I was recommended by a friend of mine to see Dr. Brian Abelson. After seeing me for one visit to assess my injury, Brian said I would be healed in 6 visits. Later by following his procedures and his assessments I certainly was feeling great! Felt a lot better. I would strongly recommend Brian to anyone for any injury. This is the best money I have ever spent, Thank you very much for helping me out!”

Dean Guss (2005)

“In three treatments I was free from [lower back pain]”

“I would highly recommend Dr. Abelson and the ART technique. I came into his office with a lot of lower back pain and in just 3 treatments, I was free from pain and stiffness. I found Dr. Abelson and his staff to be very pleasant and professional.”

Helen Marsh (2007)

ART improved my Raynaud’s syndrome!”Back to the Top

“Although I have Raynaud’s, I consulted Dr. Abelson for pain in both my forearms, with loss of strength in my hands. Raynaud’s was just an annoyance although the attacks had become more frequent (3 per day) and more severe (once lasting up to an hour).

The treatments to reduce my arm pain and increase my hand strength, plus diligent stretching on my part, resulted in a wonderful, unexpected improvement in my Raynaud’s symptoms. Since my treatment began, I have had only one episode of loss of circulation involving just the tip of my right hand ring finger. I immediately did a few stretches and circulation returned. My hand strength is markedly improved as is my Raynaud’s.”

Theresa Thomas (2005)

“Physiotherapy wasn’t achieving any results for my Foot Pain”

“I had been on crutches for 4 months with a foot problem – going the usual route with medicine, doctors and physical therapy – but was making very little progress. A chance encounter with a friend directed me to explore an alternative treatment for which I am truly grateful. After only a few ART treatments, I was able to walk with one crutch!”

Inez Nolan (2005)

“I have had Chronic Hip Pain for 40 Years”Back to the Top

“Chronic hip pain has been a way of life for me for over 40 years. A childhood bone disease left me with limited mobility and stabbing pain that would “sneak attach” in certain positions of movement. I have walked cautiously for my entire life, accepting a limited range of motion as being my norm.

Having come to Calgary for a couple of weeks. I was referred to Dr. Abelson for ART as my pain was particularly bad that week. In 2 visits I have experienced AMAZING RESULTS! I have a range of motion without pain which I have never experienced before. The relief is overwhelming and the delight I feel, indescribable – 2 VISITS!! Words cannot express my gratitude.”

Patricia Reid (2005)

Nerve Compression

“I was in a lot of pain for over a year because of a very tight muscle knot that was pushing/pressing against a nerve in my back. I went for massages 1 – 2 times a month to relieve the pain but instead of helping, it would tighten the knot and the pain worsened. I finally invested in Active Release. Wow!! Talk about ultimate relief. Highly recommend it!! Worth every penny.”

Anna Mukhevjee (2009)

Tennis ElbowBack to the Top

“I have had a problem with my elbow since February 2007 when it was injured playing hockey. Regular physiotherapy had little effect on the pain and range of motion. Since having ART in August 2007 the pain is 95% gone and the range of motion has improved substanstially. I hope, through an exercise program given to me, to get 100% pain-free and a full range of motion.”

Todd Crosby (2007)

“Carpal Tunnel Syndrome prevented me from working”

“After investigating numerous approaches to dealing with my RSI/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which has prevented me from working, I happened to discover Dr. Abelson’s book about Active Release Technique. I notice astonishing results after even a single session and have continued to improve since then. By combining ART with exercise and stretching routines, I have complete confidence that I will achieve and maintain a full state of recovery.”

Brian Cairns (2006)

“Broken Ankle Resulted in Little Range of Motion”Back to the Top

“Prior to coming to Kinetic Health I had limited range of motion and flexibility in my left ankle (broken ankle suffered 10 weeks before). After 6 ART sessions and a consistent ankle exercise program, my ankle range of motion and flexibility has improved to the point where I can resume playing hockey, skiing and running with no pain or flexibility restrictions.”

Cameron Six (2009)

Constant Headaches and Pain Gone in 2 Treatments

“While I was on a business trip to Calgary 4 years ago, I was in such pain from a whiplash injury that I had suffered years ago, that I was barely able to move. I asked friends for the name of the best chiropractor they knew. They sent me to Dr. Brian Abelson.

Over the years since my injury, I had been evaluated by 2 professors at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, been treated by 2 different chiropractors, 2 GP’s, an orthopedic surgeon, an internist and the physiotherapy departments of 2 different Ontario hospitals. I often had regular chiropractic adjustments 2 -3 times a week and I was taking between 8 -12 painkillers a day. I also had constant headaches. This had been going on for 4 years. No one had been able to alleviate my constant pain, so when I met Dr. Abelson, I explained I was just hoping for “pain control”. I wasn’t hoping for anything more. I just wanted to be able to work and get through my stay in Calgary.

Dr. Abelson explained to me that he didn’t believe I should be in ANY pain. He explained Active Release Technique to me, and over the course of only 3 treatments he removed my pain. I was astounded. The tingling in my hands stopped. My mobility increased. My headaches stopped. I stopped taking painkillers altogether. The quality of my life has improved immensely and I can’t thank him enough. Now I send family and friends to Dr. Abelson and his use of ART has helped them too.”

Susan Ransom (2004)


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